SculptureOur mission is to develop affordable artist housing along with the supporting infrastructures that cultivate a Wilmington art community capable of innovative and lasting collaborations with the surrounding community.


We see a vibrant and just city that is nurtured by the ideas generated by our projects. We recognize that solutions are found in honest and passionate communication. The creativity of interdisciplinary collaboration advanced by our development will infect the city with the joy, determination, and spirit of our friend Christopher W. White.

Board Members

Michael Kalmbach - Chair
John Stafford - Vice Chair
Geoff Sawyer - Secretary
Keith Criddell - Treasurer

Emily Burton
Cyndi Dombrowski
Roger Hesketh
Jessica Jenkins
Jason Stoehr
Mark Williams

Financial Documents

Information coming soon…

The Chris White CDC is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.