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Help us fund A Shipley Street Story: The Legacy of Chris White

This is a story about an abandoned building, on a neglected street, in an overlooked downtown district of a small American city; an old furniture store so forgotten that grass is growing inside it, and a young tree has taken root.

It’s also a story about the kind of person who looks at this building and sees it not as a municipal burden, but as an opportunity. It’s a story of passion, love, and tragedy, but most of all, it’s about the underdog.

The Chris White Community Development Corporation is looking to form a strong coalition of individuals and organizations mutually interested in realizing this documentary about the construction of Shipley  Artist Lofts as told through the work and leadership of Chris White.

We have already begun pre-production, and we plan to start shooting as soon as possible.

What We Need

Our Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $16,000 for the film. We will be contracting with the Kitchen, a film and video production house in Wilmington, Delaware.

Using techniques inspired by great documentary filmmakers like Errol Morris, the Kitchen plans to create intimate interview footage with friends and family of Chris White, as well as with the tenant artists of Shipley Artist Lofts and other partners in the community. The Kitchen will also utilize 2-dimensional and experimental animation in the telling of the main arc of the story.

The Impact

The Chris White Community Development Corporation’s mission is to develop affordable artist housing along with the supporting infrastructures that cultivate a Wilmington art community capable of innovative and lasting collaborations with the surrounding community.

We see a vibrant and just city that is nurtured by the ideas generated by our projects. We recognize that solutions are found in honest and passionate communication. The creativity of interdisciplinary collaboration advanced by our development will infect the city with the joy, determination, and spirit of our friend Chris White.

This film project will communicate this vision, and help us recruit the talent that will make the next impossible project possible.

Risks & Challenges

Our all-volunteer board has made considerable progress over the past year. We have re-named the organization from the Shipley Village Community Development Corporation to the Chris White Community Development Corporation, and we have launched our first comprehensive website to support the life of our building, Shipley Artist Lofts.

As we tell the story of the building’s development and Chris White’s vision for the space, we have been overwhelmed by the support and the love shared by those who knew Chris. This Indiegogo campaign provides us with a unique vehicle to share our story. Unlike other crowd-funding campaigns, Indiegogo enables us to retain every contribution made to the campaign regardless of whether or not we attain our goal amount of $16,000. We are confident that we can raise the entire amount through individual contributions to this campaign, but we are sure that the feedback and interest generated by this campaign can convince other donors to fill the gap should we come up short.

Other Ways You Can Help

Chris became a lawyer because he believed everyone should have equal access to justice, regardless of their ability to afford an attorney. He dedicated his career to this cause through his work at Community Legal Aid Society. You can support equal access to justice in Delaware through the Combined Campaign for Justice.

If you cannot make a financial contribution to this campaign, you can still help!

Utilize the Indiegogo sharing tools and share our video with your extended network. Direct people to our website, join our mailing list (coming soon), attend an exhibition at the Chris White Gallery. Learn more about efforts surrounding Wilmington’s Creative District lead by the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation.

If you’re excited by this work, and have expertise in community development and/or the arts, consider providing service to The Chris White Community Development Corporation Board and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!